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We have various offers throughout the year, here are our latest ones that are available.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and we really hope you are happy with your experience, and invite you to tell a friend about us. 

In return,

  • Your friend will get a 10% discount off any glasses.
  • When your friend receives the 10% discount, you will also be sent a voucher for 10% off your next pair of glasses - as a thank you.
  • You can earn further 10% discount vouchers for every subsequent friend you introduce (subject to a maximum of 5 discount vouchers (50%) for any single purchase). You can use these vouchers against a spare pair of glasses or your next regular pair of glasses.

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Tell a friend offer terms and conditions

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50% OFF 2nd pair of glasses, if you have our Essilor lenses with anti-reflective on the 1st pair.

Don’t miss on this limited time offer and treat yourself to multiple pairs of glasses for different occasions.

Can you be without glasses? if they break you have you got a spare pair? If the answer is NO then this is a good time to get multiple pairs so you can carry on with your daily life.

Do you need your glasses to be able to drive legally? If the answer is YES this is a good time to get multiple pairs in case your only pair
breaks. This is even more relevant currently as police are doing road side checks and this may result in a fine and points on your license, if you cannot read the number plate at 20 metres.

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