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Receive a Comprehensive Eye Test from our AWARD-WINNING Opticians in Bognor Regis, West Sussex

Choose a tailor-made eye test from our reputable opticians in Bognor Regis, West Sussex. Our friendly team are always happy to help, and we endeavour to provide a solution to any eye-related issue. As well as this, we supply a range of prescription glasses to remedy the problems that you may be having.

Meeting Your Needs

You are our main priority, and we curate each eye test to meet your needs. An eye test may detect signs of underlying general health conditions, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Everyone should have a sight test every two years, or more often if a professional recommends it.

The Benefits

Don’t forget the importance of a sight test for you and your family. Our optometrists provide the following services:

  • Pick Up Any Signs of Eye Disease – This Is Usually Easier to Deal with If Found Early
  • Check Your Sight and Make It Clearer or More Comfortable to See
  • Check for Signs of Underlying General Health Conditions That Sometimes Show in the Eyes
  • Answer Questions and Give Advice About Your Eye Health and Vision
  • Keep You Informed About New Products or Services That May Help You

NHS Treatment

You may be entitled to a FREE eye test that includes a FREE pair of glasses. View the criteria below, and contact us if you think that you qualify.

  • A Student Aged 16, 17, Or 18 In Full Time Education.
  • Aged 60 And Over*
  • You Receive Income Support
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Tax Credit or Named on a Valid Tax Credit Exemption Certificate (Or if You are Named on a Valid HC2 Certificate)
  • Registered Blind/Partially Sighted with Local Authority*
  • Suffer from Diabetes or Glaucoma*
  • Are 40 or Over and Parent/Brother/ Sister/Child of a Person Who Has Glaucoma*
  • Considered a Risk of Glaucoma by an Ophthalmologist*
  • Have Been Prescribed Complex Lenses Under the NHS Optical Voucher Scheme*

* Free sight test only. Unless any other entitlement also applies.

View Our Information Leaflet

“I have a passion for eye care and patients’ health, so I designed this basic information leaflet to help patients understand the importance of regular eye examinations.” 
Mandy Corbett FBDO,Owner and Dispensing Optician.

Caring for Your Eyes

Further Details

Our team are always here to answer any questions that you have. As eye health specialists, we effectively diagnose a range of issues. For further information about our eye tests, please view this document:

The Sight Test Explained

Children's Eye Care

Strong development is essential to a child’s growth, and good eyesight is extremely important in both school and social situations. Anyone can experience sight problems, but it’s especially important to look after children’s eyes. The eye develops throughout early childhood, so if problems are treated early, it often makes a lasting difference. 

Children aged under 16 and those between 16-19 and in full-time education are entitled to the following:

  • FREE NHS Sight Test
  • FREE NHS Glasses
  • FREE Replacement Glasses - Lost or Broken (Under 16 Only)

View Our Children's Eye Health Information Leaflet

“I have a real passion for letting parents and children know the importance of children's eye care and health, starting from their early years and throughout their childhood, and then into their teens. I have designed this basic information leaflet to help parents understand the importance of regular eye examinations.”
Mandy Corbett FBDO, Owner and Dispensing Optician

Caring For Your Child’s Eyes

Further Details

The health of your child is extremely important. Our team understand this, and we provide a range of informative resources for you to view. These are available below: 

Children’s Eye Health

Children’s Learning Videos

Eye Examinations

What’s Inside the Eye?

How do Eyes Work?

What is a Lazy Eye

How Do Glasses Work?

Getting New Glasses