Look Good, Feel Good, and Do Good with Barnham Opticians in Bognor Regis, West Sussex

At Barnham Opticians we believe in taking care of our planet, and with its condition decreasing we consider environmentalism, eco-consciousness and sustainability to be more important now than ever. We want to provide you with a range of eco-friendly options, which is why we’re proud to offer numerous ethical choices in our practice.


At Barnham Opticians you can choose a stylish and sustainable pair of glasses from one of our collections. Perfect for zero waste and conscious consumers.


By 2050 it’s said that our oceans will contain more plastic than fish. It’s time to do something about it! Browse through our collection of Sea2See glasses; handmade from 100% marine plastic waste, and 100% recyclable, this is the ethical option you’ve been waiting for. When you buy a pair of these fantastic frames, you’ll also receive a stylish cork case that can be recycled.

With over 100 containers in Spanish and French ports where fishermen can deposit plastic and discarded nets, Sea2See continues to collect on average 1 TON of waste per day, which is recycled and reused to create a fantastic collection of contemporary frames for you. Sea2See also provides free Sea2See eyewear every year to the fishermen they collaborate with.

With Sea2See you can help make the ocean a better place.


Every year thousands of orangutans are victims of the destruction of their rainforest homes in Borneo. Monkeyglasses supports Save the Orangutan, an organisation that works tirelessly to support programs that rehabilitate as many displaced orangutans as possible back into the wild where they belong.

Peruse our collection of Monkeyglasses frames, handmade using biodegradable raw materials to create the recyclable and fashionable option for you. As well as a pair of excellent frames, you’ll also receive a cloth and case made from recycled plastic bottles and cardboard when you purchase pair of Monkeyglasses. You can also buy a Monkeyglasses neckless made from leftover materials, which will hold your glasses while giving you a fashionable accessory.

Monkeyglasses also helps collect old glasses for the Danish organisation Syn for Sagen I Afrika – providing them to people in need. Having a CO2 emission of 266g per frame compared to 2000g per pair of jeans, you’ll also be reassured knowing that you’re supporting a company that strives to keep a low Carbon Footprint, while also helping them contribute to Save the Orangutan.

With Monkeyglasses you’ll look good while doing good.

Zero Waste Lens Cleaner

Cleaner lenses and a cleaner planet? No problem! For just £3.95 you’ll have a bottle of glasses lens cleaner with free refills for life of the bottle, while not having to worry about plastic waste. Our bottles are 100% recyclable, so not only are the eco-friendly but also cost friendly.


Reduce waste production while contributing to a good cause. We offer various drop offs for your unwanted products that do just that.

Glasses – Lions Club

Glasses can be an essential part of someone’s wellbeing, however many people who need glasses can’t afford them, instead having to struggle with everyday tasks when they don’t need to.

You can help by donating your old glasses to our Lions Club International glasses collection box, where they will be distributed to people in need.

Lions Club accepts all types of eyewear, including both prescription, non-prescription, adults and children’s, in good condition. So, don’t hesitate – donate! Not only are you reducing waste, but you could change someone’s life.

Cases – Canine Partners

Mango, a retired Canine Partners dog is helping us collect old glasses cases to aid training for assistant dogs leaning to pick up and collect items for their owners.

You can help these trainee dogs by dropping off your old or unused cases in our cases bin where they’ll be donated to Canine Partners who will use them in their training centres.

By donating your cases not only are you helping Canine Partners train even more assistance dogs that can go on to transform the lives of people with physical disabilities, but you’re also reducing waste by opting to not throw your cases away.

Contact Lens Recycling

Do you have any contact lens waste? Don’t throw it away! Barnham Opticians are part of ACUVUE and TerraCycle’s Contact Lens Recycle Programme, providing you with a contact lens recycling bin in our practice.

While paper packaging can be recycled, the foil and plastic packaging your contact lenses come in, as well as the actual contact lenses and pots themselves, can’t be in the usual manner. With Barnham Opticians however, you can recycle:

  • Any brand of soft or disposable contact lenses
  • Any brand of contact lens blister packaging
  • Any brand of foil from the contact lens blister packaging

Just pop in anytime you need to dispose of your contact lens waste! You can help make the planet cleaner!

Contact our friendly team, in Bognor Regis, West Sussex on 01243 554091, for more information about other environmental friendly services we provide. As your local opticians, we are always happy to help.